Accessori per torni automatici multimandrino

AUTOR Engineering starts as a development studio in 1980 by means of Enrico Ronzoni and Bettino Pedretti.
Initially, its main interest was the project and the design of attachments for automatic multispindle lathes.
During the following years, beside this activity, we started designing automatic multispindle lathes later designed by some main firms such as Gildemeister and Mori Say.
In that same period a collaboration is started with the firm Saco, of the Gildemeister group, for the design and the marketing of the AUTOR Engineering products.
Our activity as technical development studio continued in fields different form the automatic multispinde lathes, thus increasing our experience in the field of the machine tools. During this period we collaborated with some important firms such as Adige Sala, CMS, Pama.
In 1998 AUTOR Engineering decided to focus on the field of automatic multispindle lathes, with a particular attention for the attachments.
The AUTOR firm was founded to design and market the attachments, built and sold in the past by other licensed firms linked to AUTOR.
AUTOR brought a remarkable innovation in the world of the attachments for automatic multispindle lathes. In fact, during these years, AUTOR started developing the numeric control attachments (cross slides, actuators, CNC pick up spindles) that are renown in our catalogue.
AUTOR’s constant work towards innovation lead us to the continual update of standards products and the development of new attachment, widening the range of the possible performance of the automatic multispindle lathes.
This great work led international firms such as TORNOS SA, GILDEMEISTER ITALIANA SPA (DMG group), MORI SAY and SCHÜTTE opt for AUTOR as the first choice on their lathes.
AUTOR’s catalogue contains many attachments also for lathes INDEX, WICKMAN, PITTLER, ACME and NEW BRITAIN.
In 2013 AUTOR accepted another great challenge by combining the long-time experience in the field of the machine tools and the CNC attachments and started a project for renewing the cam machines currently on the market in order to transform them into hybrid machines or into totally CNC machines. Autor has shown once again to be very devoted towards the needs of its costumers and it is always ready to use its technical experience in order to assist them on a long term period.