The innovative spirit distinguished AUTOR‘s project development since the beginning..
This same spirit, together with our great care for details, led us to the design of revolutionary attachments in the field of automatic multispindle lathes, both for new and old types of operations.
These attachments contributed to widen the range of possible operations on this type of machines.
The originality of AUTOR‘s attachments and their high quality, place this products one step ahead comparing to the other items on the market, becoming a reference for both the costumers and the competitors.
Each one of AUTOR‘s product comes from an accurate design that focuses on respecting the safety requirement, the reliability, the precision, and they always provide precise and complete technical documents.
The constant development of the products assures our success in the new challenges we face on the touring market that requires more and more accurate and demanding performances. All in all only an AUTOR product is an AUTOR product: in accordance with the machinery directive, equipped with technical documents and designed on an original idea. AUTOR one step ahead on today’s market.